Benefits of CEREC One Day Crowns

Restore a damaged tooth in just a single day with our in-office CEREC crowns

Who doesn’t want to walk right into their dentist’s office and right back out with a newly restored smile? Dealing with a cracked or broken tooth is enough to stress anyone out, but with the help of our in-office CEREC technology our Hollywood, CA, cosmetic dentists, Drs. Blake and Stephen Parker, can now fixed that damaged tooth in just a single visit.

Here are some of the top benefits of getting CEREC crowns:

Restore Your Tooth Immediately 

A damaged tooth is not only more susceptible to damage, it can cause you pain and affect the way you eat. By turning to our Hollywood, CA, dentists as soon as a dental problem arises, we can get to work creating your dental crown right here in our office. The crown is designed, constructed, and placed in the same appointment so you can walk out with a strong, durable tooth again.

Get a Lifelike Restoration 

Let’s be honest…it’s not just about restoring your damaged tooth! It’s also about getting a restoration that really does look and feel as close to a real tooth, as possible. CEREC technology uses advanced CAD software with digital impressions of your teeth to get exact measurements for a crown that is also perfectly fitted and comfortable.

Plus, the crown is made out of porcelain or ceramic, which can be matched to the color of your teeth and mimics the look of real tooth enamel.

No Temporary Crowns 

Since it will take weeks for an outside dental lab to create a crown, most people had to wear a temporary crown until their permanent crown was ready. Now, thanks to CEREC technology, we can cut out the need for an outside lab and make the crown or restoration in-house. This means no temporary crown needed. You’ll walk right out with your restored tooth immediately!

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Don’t ignore a damaged or broken tooth. Let the dentists at Parker Dentistry in Hollywood, CA, restore your smile with fast, effective CEREC technology. From veneers to crowns, CEREC creates beautiful and long-lasting restorations. Call us at (954) 983-5450 to find out if you’re an ideal candidate.

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