When's the Last Time You Checked-In with Your Health?

We discussed the importance of taking your health in your own hands. We shared simple ways in which you can start being proactive about your health and wellbeing, like being adamant about annual and biannual check-ups, knowing your family's medical history, listening to your body, and living an active lifestyle. To get ready for the quickly approaching new year, we thought it was important to talk a bit more about proactive and preventative personal healthcare.

The United States Congress designated January of every year as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Each month of the year is designated to one or more health and wellness issues or concerns. This idea is simply to spread awareness about the disease and issues that are affecting us, whether directly, indirectly, now, or in the future. Each year, around 13,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer. The number of devastating diagnoses of cervical cancer can be greatly reduced, though. Annual screenings and follow-up care can significantly reduce your chances, as a woman, of a potentially life-altering prognosis. This is a perfect example of being proactive and preventative about your personal health.

The sooner, the better when it comes to your health! If there is something going on in your body, idol time is often the greatest destroyer. A simple screening at your gynecologist, a quick check-up with your general physician, or a short visit to the dentist can make all the difference because it is far easier to prevent a major health episode than it is to fix one. That’s not to say that everything is preventable, but earlier care and treatment is always better than waiting for the worst.

The new year is just about to start, and there is no better time to take the reins and steer this year in the direction of a healthy one. Schedule your appointments, come visit us, and make this year your best and healthiest year yet.

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