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Trend 12: Energy Cleansing Practices

The word detox is thrown around a lot these days in the health and wellness world. Detox diets, detox smoothies, detox cleanses, detox supplements…well, you get the picture. Our physical body is bombarded by free radicals and toxins on a daily basis. The body will naturally detoxify itself but can only do so efficiently when it is supported with proper nutrients, water, and rest. 

While physical detoxes have been the rave for decades, spiritual and energy detoxes have been continuing to gain more popularity. Everything is made up of energy. Energy is meant to flow and stay in motion. In the same way that we must take care of our physical health and wellness, it is important that we take care of our metaphysical health and wellness, as well. 

Energy and space detoxing is a powerful practice. Sage smudging, burning Palo Santo, healing with crystals, and using essential oils is nothing new. In fact, such rituals have been in place for countless generations across many different cultures. If sage and crystals seem a little too new age for you though, don’t worry, there are dozens of ways to cleanse your energy. 

When we feel emotionally, spiritually, and metaphysically cared for and balanced, everything else in our lives will be able to flow more freely the way energy is intended to flow. Picking a cleansing practice is a personal choice. It can be something that you do every morning or evening or something that you do once a month. You can also cleanse your energy and personal space on a need-to basis. 

Energy cleansing practice can include but are not limited to…

Smudging with sage

Burning Palo Santo

Using essential oils 

Taking a bath

Lighting candles

Holding crystals


Practicing yoga 

Sound healing with drums, gongs, bells, and singing bowls



Playing with your pet 

Spending time in nature 

We are a complex and very dynamic species. As we have discussed before, our complete wellness is made up of seven dimensions and our spiritual wellness is as equally as important as our physical wellness. The power of smell, sound, nature, the breath, and self-care is truly extraordinary. 

Pick an energy cleansing practice that feels comfortable to you. There is no right or wrong, it is really just about taking the time to go inward and rid the body and surrounding space of anything that no longer serves you well. 

Postive energy attracts positive energy! 

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