The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

The Parker Dentistry Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness blog focuses a lot of wellness. We talk about wellness as a whole state of being and that through certain choices and habits, we can achieve optimal wellness. We’ve shared with you in the past some different ways to improve your health and wellness through preventative practices, diet and Juice Plus+, sleep, exercise, and yoga and meditation, among other beneficial habits. We truly believe that the more you know, the more capable you are of making the right decisions for you and your family.

Wellness includes far more than just our physical wellbeing and state of health though. The holistic approach to health and wellness is actually made up of seven main dimensions that are all interconnected. It is important to understand what each dimension includes and the ways in which you can promote wellness in each particular dimension in order to promote wellness as a whole. Holistic health involves looking at ourselves and our health as a whole and not in parts. What is happening in one part of our bodies or our lives affects every other part. Our existence is cyclical. 

Our wellness is in our hands, and it is definitely helpful to be given valuable tools, resources, information, and tips to help inspire and teach us how to live out our healthiest and happiest lives. That is what the Parker Dentistry blog really aims to do. Over the next seven weeks, we will break down each of the seven dimensions of wellness, offer tips on how to improve each particular dimension in your life, and illustrate how each dimension is connected to all of the rest. 

The first question we will answer in this informative, inspiring, and wellness-promoting mini-series is what the seven dimensions of wellness are. 

The seven dimensions of wellness are: 

  1. Spiritual 
  2. Emotional
  3. Intellectual 
  4. Physical
  5. Social 
  6. Environmental
  7. Financial/Occupational 

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