How to Savor the Ordinary and Find Joy in Every Day

Hana Matt insists, and with good reason, that one of the proven ways to joy is to “wholly live in the present, be mindful of it, and completely enjoy it.”

We reside in a fast-paced world. Most of us have almost every hour accounted for due to some sort of daily schedule. We do what is necessary to make money, take care of our families, and inch closer to our long-term goals. We are busy people. However, adhering to this way of life is bound to become monotonous. 

You might even have days that feel exactly like the day before, a groundhog’s day realization. 

And maybe even now, despite the halt that has been placed on many of our schedules and routines, you feel that today is the same as yesterday, and tomorrow will likely be no different. 

There is actually a simple fix to this mundane way of existing, though. 

When you get into a routine, especially one that has been the same for a long period of time, it is easy to overlook the small pleasures of your day to day life. However, it is these simple things that are capable of delivering great joy; we just have to remember to recognize and embrace them.

Hana Matt rightfully states that “the ability to relish the ordinary experiences of your life is one of the most important creators of happiness.” 

Whether it is taking notice of the stillness in the air during your morning walk with your dog; breathing in the swirls of steam that twist and rise from that first cup of coffee; letting the afternoon sun that creeps through the curtains warm your skin; listening to the birds congregating in the trees at dusk; cutting up the vegetables you are going to cook for dinner in rainbow order; or feeling the tiny bubbles pop around you during an evening bath—these are the little things worth savoring.

You might be surprised, once you start paying attention, how many of these types of moments are occurring throughout your day. 

You will eventually become tuned in to all the small pleasures that surround you, and as a result, will feel more joyous

This is a call to slow down and look around. 

There is no moment like the present moment. And regardless of what's taking place in and around the world, there is always a positive to be found; you just have to make a conscious effort to see it. 

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