Ivonne: The Sweet Face Behind Parker Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness

Ivonne has been an intergral part of Parker Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness. You could say that she is the face of Parker Rejuvenation and Wellness. If you have been to the office, you have met Ivonne! Ivonne has a personality as big as her heart. She is a highly experienced medical aesthetician and medical assistant. Her expertise in these two fields has made her truly great at what she does. She is the one to talk to about HydraFacials, suncare protection, moisturizers, mineral based cosmetics, and anti-aging products. You can't miss her, and you don't want to! 

PD: Tell me a little bit about your background? Who is Ivonne?

I: I was born in Havana, Cuba, but I was raised in Brooklyn, New York. I moved south when I was fourteen years old. I attended Coral Gables High School and the University of Miami. I enjoy camping, hiking, reading, relaxing on the beach, and traveling to cold places. I am also very passionate about speaking. I certainly have the gift to gab! I also consider myself a go to girl when someone is in need of help, whether in the office or outside of it. 

PD: How long have you been at Parker Dentistry Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness?

I: I have had the pleasure of being part of the Parker team for the past six years. I am the medical aesthetician. I truly enjoy running the facial rejuvenation and wellness part of the practice, and I believe in all of the products and services that we offer to our patients. 

PD: What do you love most about or what has kept you at Parker Dentistry Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness?

I: The Parkers are not just an example of what great dentistry is all about, they excel as employers. Simply put, there are an extension of my family. The trademark of the office, "A smile makes a face, a face makes a smile," is a belief that is practiced here on a daily basis. The level of expertise and patient care practiced here is unmatched. 

Thank you Ivonne for sharing a little with us today! 

These past several weeks, we have talked about the simple ways you can care for your skin: sun protection, moisturization, HydraFacials, diet, and hydration. Ivonne can share with you a wealth of information regarding all of these avenues of skincare. Parker Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness offers a wide range of skincare products, for both men, women, and teenagers, to help you always put your best face first. The products we carry are products that we personally use and believe in! 

Thanks for sharing a smile with us! 


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