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Guide to Exotic Superfoods Part 2

The Native Americans of North America, the indigenous people of Central and South America, the aboriginals of Africa, Asia, Australia, and beyond all relied on fruits, vegetables, and herbs to maintain optimal health, prevent diseases, and cure maladies. Modern medicine is exactly that, modern. Ancient traditions were passed down from generation to generation regarding the cultivation, collection, and preparation of plants for all different purposes. There was a deep understanding that certain plants produced fruits, vegetables, or herbs that all had their own individual value. This information is still available to us, and is the key to good health.

While every fruit and vegetable contains some combination of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to various parts of our bodies, there are several fruits and vegetables that stand out as the superstars of the bunch. These so called superfoods are packed with antioxidants and other nutrients that help reduce cellular oxidation, repair damage, and strengthen our systems. This decreases the effects internally and externally of the natural process of aging. Here are a few more to add to that list: aronia berries, hemp seeds, raw cacao, and wheat grass.

Aronia Berries: Aronia berries are native to the deciduous forests of the eastern United States. These berries are said to have the highest amount of antioxidants out of all of the other berries. They also are rich in vitamin C. They are often consumed raw, dried, or in juice form. If you are looking for a way to increase your antioxidants, incorporating this berry into your diet is a great way to accomplish that.

Hemp Seed: Hemp has been used for various purposes, including for clothing, paper, cosmetics, and hygiene products for thousands of years. The seeds have a superior nutritional value and are highly beneficial to our skin, hair, nails, and metabolism. They are very high in antioxidants, omega-6, and vitamin E, which are all great anti-agers. Hemp seed is also one of the best sources of plant-based protein.

Raw Cacao: Cacao, which is a fruit, grows on Theobroma cacao trees in South America. The Aztecs believed that the cacao tree was a gift from the gods, and with good reason. Cacao beans contain over 300 nutrients and it has the highest concentration of antioxidants out of any other fruit. Cacao is also loaded with omega-6, protein, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron. This is the epitome of a superfood!

Wheat Grass: Wheat grass is one of the best ways to ingest living chlorophyll, which has incredible benefits. Chlorophyll contains an important enzyme, which is responsible for breaking down superoxide radicals. This awesome green attack is what slows down the aging process in your body. It is also a natural healer, and works wonders on the inside and outside of the body. Wheatgrass contains over 100 different elements that are essential to our health, including 17 amino acids, B-complex, and vitamin A. Wheat grass consumption is an excellent way to help your body detoxify. Wheat grass is rich in protein and considered a nutritionally complete food. The list can go on and on as to why this sprouted grass is an exceptional addition to your diet!

Exotic superfoods are a potent and exciting way to help your body stay strong, healthy, and young. Little additions like adding a wheat grass shot to your morning regiment, mixing raw cacao into your next smoothie, or toasting hemp seeds and eating them for a snack, can literally and figuratively change the face of your health. There is considerable research, resources, and recipes to support the addition of superfoods into your everyday life. Enjoy the benefits that the earth has offered us since the beginning of our time! 

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