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Deepak Chopra's 8th Key to Happiness

“Don’t contaminate your body with toxins either through food, drink, or toxic emotions. Your body is more than a life-support system. It is the vehicle that will carry you on the journey of your evolution. The health of every cell contributes to your state of well being, because every cell is a point of awareness within the field of awareness that is you.” Deepak Chopra

We only get one body. It is this body that not only carries our soul, but also makes our life on this earth possible. Our bodies are quite resilient. Our bodies are there for us even when we don’t treat them particularly well. Your relationship with your body however should be one of love, acceptance, respect, and nurture. Your relationship with yourself, which includes your physical body, will eventually whither and crumble away with perpetual abuse, malnourishment, and excessive toxins of any sort.

Our health is everything. It is easy to take for granted our health while we have it, but only when it is compromised do we realized how important it really is. Save yourself the struggle, if you can, and realize now, while you are healthy how valuable that state of being truly is. It is true that some things are beyond our control, but for the most part we actually have great control over our physical and emotional self. For starters, you have complete control over what you put into your body.

It is far easier to remain in tack than to be in need of repair. Broken bodies come from bad choices. Continually fueling your body with fake food (over processed, preservative soaked, chemical heavy, and can’t even pronounce the ingredients kind of food) is linked to all sorts of health maladies. We wonder why more than half of us are overweight, more than a third of us will be diagnosed with some type of cancer in our lifetime, and great deal of us are fatigued, stressed out, and unhappy on a regular basis. You are what you eat. You are what you decide to do.

Toxins come in all different forms from foods, beverages, alcohol, drugs, people, lifestyle choices, and careers, just to name a few sources. Toxins are a choice. The decision to purge your body and lifestyle of toxins is a personal decision that will have individual results, but the results will be positive. You are capable of extraordinary things. Your life should be nothing short of extraordinary. Get rid of whatever it is that is weighing you down and holding you back. When we take care of our bodies, our bodies will take care of us. 

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