Count Your Blessings Out Loud and Often

Apart from the historical significance of Thanksgiving, it is also a holiday of literal translation. Thanksgiving is a delicious reminder to be thankful for all that we have in our lives. Sometimes, we forget to give thanks for our blessings on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. We get so caught up in our lives and all that is going on that we forget to take a moment to appreciate all that we have. It’s easy to take for granted our health when we have it, food when our bellies are full, a roof over our heads when the rain puts us to sleep, families that put up with us through thick and thin, and even our animals that love us unconditionally.  

The universe is more likely to respond to us positively when our hearts are full of gratitude. When we show gratitude to the people who love us, listen to us, support us, and help us, those relationships are more likely to thrive. In a world where hate, discrimination, poverty, and violence are all too present, giving thanks that your day to day is more peaceful will only help us to send out love to those who are struggling. The power of gratitude is great. Count your blessings out loud and often.

At Parker Dentistry Facial Rejuvenation and Wellness, we are gracious for each and every one of our patients every day of the year. For the past fifty years and three generations, we have never ceased to be thankful for all of our patients. We are thankful for your loyalty, your trust, your reviews, your referrals, and your friendships. We are who we are because of you. As a collective consensus, we all agree that we truly have the best patients. Thank you for being you! 

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