A Year in Review

The first week of a brand new year is a perfect opportunity to reflect upon the lessons you’ve learned, the feats you’ve accomplished, the hurdles you’ve cleared, and the happiest moments of your prior year. We learn and evolve from our experiences. Reflection is part of living mindfully.

Along with meditation, whether still or moving, and present mindfulness, the act of reflection is a fluid one. No thought or memory should be held on to, but rather given the freedom of a floating feather. Returning briefly to moments in 2017 when you felt the best, were the happiest, were the most peaceful, and felt the most proud, will help you achieve your goals and desired state of being in the new year to come. It is in remembering the best parts of a year that you will find inspiration to create more.

The year 2017 seemed to be quite a roller coaster for the collective majority. And, for some reason, the bad often casts a cloak of invisibility over the good. During this week of reflection, let the bad be of the past and the good prevail in the present. Consciously recollecting times when you were living your best life will help remind you that you have the majority control over your future. Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

For some, it might be beneficial to write a list of the best parts of your year, while for others the journey might be completed internally. Maybe you would like to vocalize your reflections and converse with a close friend or family member. The point is, don’t throw the good out with the bad. Set aside a little interrupted time for a brief year in a review this week. A cup of hot tea pairs nicely with this mindful exercise.

In the last year when was a moment (any length of time) that you felt…

Proud of yourself?

Bursting with joy?

Giddy with excitement?





Pleasantly challenged?










Feel free to add to this list. Consciously bring attention to these sensations, emotions, and experiences and then do as Ralph Waldo Emerson advises and “write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of the year.”

Thank you for sharing a smile with us this week!

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