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Would Dental Bonding Help Me?

Perhaps all you need to revitalize your smile is dental bonding.

Sometimes you can get the beautiful smile you want with simple, non-invasive options like dental bonding from our Hollywood, FL, cosmetic dentists Dr. Stephen Parker and Dr. Blake Parker. Learn more about composite bonding and what it could do for your smile’s appearance.

Do you have minor cosmetic flaws in one or more teeth that make you feel self-conscious? Are you looking for a simple cosmetic solution to fix these issues? Our Hollywood, FL, dentist has your back (or rather, your teeth!). Dental bonding is a cosmetic technique in which a tooth-colored resin is applied over certain problem areas. Bonding is able to quickly change the color, size or shape of one or more teeth in often just one visit.

You may be wondering what kinds of issues dental bonding can treat. Since this is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment it won’t be able to fix more serious issues or flaws that affect the health or function of your smile; however, it can be great for filling small gaps between your teeth, recontouring oddly shaped teeth, and covering cracks, chips and discolorations.

It’s also important to keep in mind that dental bonding isn’t meant to revamp your whole smile. If you have multiple teeth that require cosmetic changes then you may be better off considering other options like dental veneers or teeth whitening. When you come in for a consultation we will better be able to determine whether bonding is the right option for you.

What does bonding entail?

This procedure can be performed during your next routine visit. The process is rather simple, actually. Once we choose the right shade of resin for your tooth, we will apply a liquid over the surface of the tooth that will etch and roughen it. This will help the resin stick to the tooth a bit easier.

Then the resin is applied. We will trim and sculpt and readjust the moldable resin until we get the proper shape while also making sure to fully cover your cosmetic flaws. Once we have the look you want, we will use a dental light to harden the resin in place. With the proper maintenance and good oral hygiene, this tooth-colored resin can last many years.

Are you ready to revamp and improve your smile? Then let Parker Dentistry in Hollywood, FL, find out if dental bonding is the best option for you. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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