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Everyone has experienced, at least once, a moment of anxiety, panic, stress, discomfort, restlessness, or negativity. It is human nature to have these feelings, however, they shouldn’t overwhelm our lives. During a bout of one or any combination of these emotions, it is possible to ease back toward a positive intention. This can be done through the practice of mindfulness and other complimentary practices, such as yoga, mediation, controlled breathing, reiki, and aromatherapy.

The core of the mosaic practice of mindfulness is acceptance. It is accepting how you feel physically and emotionally in the present moment, and rather than passing judgment on yourself, you instead treat yourself with admission and respect. Cultivating mindfulness involves learning to be self-aware. By simply listening to your breathing, by acknowledging the way the wind feels on your skin, or just recognizing that your emotions come and go, and do not denominate you, is practicing mindfulness.

The benefits of this practice and the others that were listed above can be extraordinary. One benefit in particular, relates to aiding in the relief of anxiety and stress. What causes these uncomfortable feelings is different for everyone. Learning how to holistically alleviate these psychological aliments is invaluable. Imagine being able to calm yourself, and even feel a sense of contentment when you enter a situation that would normally cause you to be anxious. Do you panic when you have to speak in front of a large audience, when you have to drive in the blinding rain at night, or are about to sit down in the dentist’s chair?

Over the next several weeks, Parker Wellness will be sharing a salubrious journey and offering holistic insights regarding alternative practices that can make monumental differences in your everyday life. This is not an attempt to convince you to become a yogi or a meditation master, our goal is to present simple practices that can help lift the weight of your day to day, learn to cope with your personal struggles, and also shine some light of pure enjoyment and peacefulness onto your life.

Thank you for sharing a smile with us this week!  

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