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How Bonding Can Help Your Smile

Bonding from your dentists in Hollywood, FL, can give you a spectacular smile

If you have small chips or cracks in your teeth, you need to learn about dental bonding! By covering up those annoying damage signs that are found throughout your mouth, bonding is the answer to rejuvenating that aging, tired smile! Read on to learn how the cosmetic and family dentists at Parker Dentistry in Hollywood, FL, offer a wide range of dental services, including bonding, to give you a spectacular smile.

More about dental bonding

As we age, it becomes easier and easier to damage our smiles. Every day wear-and-tear, nighttime teeth grinding, dental trauma, and aging all cause unwelcome oral changes. Over time, small chips, cracks, fracture lines, and tooth wear all take their toll.

Luckily, dental bonding can help! Using a unique liquid resin called composite, your Hollywood dentist sculpts the natural contours of your teeth, eliminating the unseemly flaws that were marring your smile. After the liquid has been applied, the material is hardened with a special ultraviolet light. The final restoration is polished to perfection, leaving you with a beautiful, natural-looking tooth restoration that is virtually invisible.

Bonding is one of the most versatile, popular cosmetic dental treatments available today—and for good reason! Dental bonding can hide common aesthetic problems such as:

  • Erosion and tooth wear due to aging
  • Cracking and chipping from wear-and-tear
  • Fracture lines and loss of tooth structure
  • Discolorations and blotches from genetics

Bonding can also help mask some issues related to poor tooth alignment. In some cases, bonding can also help close small gaps between your teeth and minimize small amounts of tooth overlap. Your dentist will discuss with you whether bonding is appropriate for your alignment issues, or if other treatments (e.g. orthodontics) are more suitable for you.

Interested? Give us a call!

If you want a spectacular smile, you need to speak with the experts. Call the cosmetic dentists at Parker Dentistry in Hollywood, FL, today at (954) 983-5450 to learn about what dental bonding can do for you!

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